Sébastien Léon

Photo by Anastasia Blackman

Sébastien Léon is a French Los Angeles-based creative director, designer, and multi-media artist who has shown internationally with cultural institutions (Palais de Tokyo, the Park Avenue Armory, the New Museum, the Palazzo della Triennale, UCCA), and developed ambitious artistic projects with brands (Audemars Piguet, Krug, Samsung, Audi).
Sébastien Léon’s work brings to life ethereal physical environments and sculptures that are at once tangible, familiar, and yet unmistakably abstract. His designs, typically relying on tubular metallic structures, are strongly influenced by his immediate environment. His decade in New York translates into collections inspired by the world of construction sites, and his move to California morphs into designs drawn from insects, rock formations, and the ocean.

Léon is the founder of acclaimed experiential studio Formavision, and the recipient of the FGI Rising Star award for his design work for Atelier d’Amis, the furniture company he co-founded in 2015. / www.atelierdamis.com / www.formavision.info

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