Michael Ambron is a painter and paint maker who works through wildly experimental and meditative approaches to making in order to hone in on a kind of overwhelming simultaneity of lived experience. From an investigation of and curiosity about one’s own perception, to the challenges and worries of living in uncertain and upsetting times, Ambron builds symbols, materials, and gestures into an expansive, floating, and timeless space. His paintings immerse the viewer in a loop of dreams, cartoon violence, lived experience, and world events, that create a vibrating sense of absurdity and urgency. Ambron received his BFA from Tyler School of Art and his MFA from The Ohio State University. He is currently based in Long Island City, NY where he is the owner and operator of Paint Makers Notes LLC, a small business that offers education, consulting, and paint making services to amateur and professional artists around the world.
Michael Ambron, Boundaries, 2021, 63” x 66” x 2” – pigment, glass, stone chalk, acrylic, cellulose, marker, & pastel on canvas.
Michael Ambron, Dilation, 2023, 50 x 52 x 3” – pigment, cork powder, glass, stone chalk, acrylic, cellulose, airbrush, marker, pastel and sand on canvas.
Michael Ambron, Sell Your Dreams, 2024, 66 x 66 x 3″ – pigment, marker, acrylic, cellulose, airbrush, & stone chalk on canvas
(small painting: “Awake” 2024, acrylic, cellulose, pigment, marble sand, shellac & chalk on wood panel)