Chris Regner is an artist born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He works serially, using autobiography as a jumping-off point for satire, humiliation, and explorations of the grotesque. His work tackles a variety of topics, including religious and cultish indoctrination, the effect of technology on societal discourse, how to navigate adulthood as a male with no strong role models, and stereotypical notions of masculinity that find their way into every subject he explores. Using his personal experiences as a foundation, his paintings have questioned archetypes found within these themes, all the while challenging his own values and beliefs. He positions himself as an anti-proselytizer, complicating the easy answer and presenting morally questionable individuals with the intent of causing contradictory interpretations by the viewer. Navigating this discomfort is vital when searching for a greater truth.

Chris is a recent graduate of RISD’s MFA Painting program. He is represented by Kravets Wehby Gallery. He has shown his work internationally. His work is a part of multiple private collections internationally. His work is in the Pizzuti Collection of the Columbus Museum of Art.

He is represented by Kravets Wehby Gallery.

Give a Boy a Worm…, 2021, 45″x35″, Acrylic on canvas over panel
That’s My Boy No. 5 (Father Devouring Son Devouring Son), 2020, 45″x35″, Acrylic on canvas over panel