Weekly Highlight

If time were granted a corporeal form, how would it dress? Would it occupy space as a static emblem or elude sense as a vibrating network of strings? Designpreis Halle has posed the question and is awaiting worldwide responses until January 31st. Bring into being a compact but multifarious vision that epitomizes the principles of elegant design for the chance to win international renown and a generous prize. Free to apply and open to all mediums, anyone at any experience can articulate how civilizations are investing their invaluable resource.

Celebrating its 11th iteration, the annual Japan Day @ Central Park is staging an open call to collect evocative and engaging artistic visions. An enormous and vivacious occasion of performances, cuisine, and intermingling cultures, Japan Day commemorates years of mutually appreciative relations between Eastern and Western practices. Artists are asked to merge the imagery of Japan, New York, and Central Park in whatever form they see fit. Submit your design by January 15th for a chance to win a round trip to Japan and have your emblem serve as the face of the 2017 ceremony.

The World Photography Organization is hosting its second iteration of the ZEISS Photography Award ‘Seeing Beyond.’ Photographers from around the globe have until February 7th to assemble a small photo series that embodies the theme, “Meaningful Places.” Applicants are tasked with reading between the lines of the daily narrative, to view the familiar sites of social and personal rituals with a nascent, intuitive eye. This open call is free to apply and boasts a generous set of awards, including a ceremony invitation and funding for a specialized project in Europe.

To encourage the cross-pollination of original ideas and exploratory practices, The Terra Foundation is hosting a summer residency in the idyllic town of Giverny, France. Scholars of American art and visual artists in the midst of their career will be transported to the vibrant site of Monet’s water lily series for a tranquil nine-week retreat. The generously funded program pairs intimate communal engagement with persistent moments of solitude. Applicants have until January 15 to flourish in the rich company of intellectuals and vegetation.


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