Verena Johannsmann

Hybrids, Atomism and Space Performance by Verena Johannsmann

Verena Johannsmann currently works and lives in Berlin and feels home in research activities in international libraries (including the Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts), artists` archives and private collections. She worked in several museum environments like the Museum of Modern Art in New York. As a Trainee she assisted Klaus Biesenbach in the Media and Performance-Art Department and Michelle Elligott in the Archives of the Museum. She is also taught in Poetical Thinking and Creative Writing (Flowing Liquid Letters). Getting a Phd in Media and Performance-Art (2011-15)/and finishing her publication in 2016/ Title: “Schöne Bühne Leben”/PhD Thesis (Design)//„Beautiful Stage Life“/Tendencies of Development and Hybridization as Gestural Expression of Ephemeral Media – (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek) she also worked in global business environments.  She received a Masters Degree of Fine Arts and Media Aesthetics on the basis of Pasolinian Poemetto as well as Media-Art from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, linked to the international Centre of Arts and Media (ZKM). The last years besides her studies Verena focussed more specific on  new democracy ways of life.

Thesis Performance-Art
Trainee, Museum of Modern Art New York
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