Michael Jacobson

Michael Jacobson is a writer, artist, and independent curator from Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. His books include The Giant’s Fence (Ubu Editions), Action Figures (Avance Publishing), Mynd Eraser,  The Paranoia Machine,  and his latest collected writings Works & Interviews; he is also co-editor of An Anthology Of Asemic Handwriting (Uitgeverij). Besides writing books, he curates a […]

Dr. Ignassen Mather

Dr. Ignassen Mather engages in the study of history, literature, film and social communications, which led him to create a diet for the mind, where a selection of proverbs, books and film replaces the regular content received by the media; what he terms “media fat” for 30 Days, allowing the user to step out of […]

Todd Mrozinski

Todd Mrozinski acquired his BFA in painting and drawing from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 1997 where he was the recipient of a Fredrick Layton Scholarship and attended The New York Studio Program. The natural elements, as well as his home and everyday objects are his subject matter. Todd’s work is produced […]

Charlotta Westergren

Charlotta Westergren was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and lives in Brooklyn with her son Alec and her husband Mark. She studied architecture and worked in the field in San Francisco and NYC. Her first exhibition was in 2002 at the Dee Glasoe Gallery in New York. Since then, she’s shown at Mary Goldman Gallery, Bellwether […]

Justin Anthony

Justin Anthony is one of the founders of Artwork Archive, an online resource that provides artists and collectors powerful, easy-to-use tools to organize and manage their artwork.
In this interview, Anthony explains how it works and why he and his co-…

Liat Yossifor

Liat Yossifor was born and raised in Israel and moved to the United States in 1989. Her early monochrome portraits of women, posed as soldiers, with the features of the sitter appearing as though etched into immersive fields of pigment, resist easy identification. These early paintings explore the effects of cultural displacement and the contradictions […]