Andrew Braddock

Andrew Braddock was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Ohio. He currently lives in Brooklyn and makes performance and video work there. He serves of the board of directors for Antibody Corporation and is one of three proprietors of Salad Editions, an editioning and fabrication business.

Ron Athey

Ron Athey is a Los Angeles-based performance artist, making work since 1980 in the form of solos, company work, and collaborations. His work is aligned with body art, the HIV/AIDS pandemic era, esoterica, the bloat of opera, and queering Georges Bataille. Since the 90s he has toured extensively in the USA/Europe and parts of latin […]

Download and Watch Full Movie Jigsaw (2017)

Michelle Shiu-lin Lai is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary performance artist whose work transitions between movement, text, and image. Lai investigates the primal poetics of space through a process-based extraction of text through body memory/history, & butoh influenced sensitivity training. Lai recently performed her work in the debut of band Linear Ghost at the Bluewhale, Downtown […]